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La Ira Del Chivato - Valefar (5) - Abominate The Temple Of Misery (CD, Album)

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  1. El disco titulado ABOMINATE THE TEMPLE OF MISERY consta con 8 temas de bestial metal negro y sera editado en formato CD limitado a copias. Tracklist: 1. INTRO 2. ABOMINATE THE TEMPLE OF MISERY 3. PROCLAMACIÓN DE ODIO Y BLASFEMIA 4. BEHOLD THE FALLING CHURCH 5. DROWNED IN BLOOD 6. LA IRA DEL CHIVATO 7. SONS OF THE PLAGUE 8. DEMONIC RITES.
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  3. Abominate the Temple of Misery (loading lyrics) 2. Proclamación de odio y blasfemia (loading lyrics) 3. Demonic Rites (loading lyrics) 4. Drowned in Blood (loading lyrics) 5. La ira del chivato (loading lyrics) 6. Where Thoughts Lay in Darkness (loading lyrics) 7. Buried by Time and Dust (Mayhem cover) Show lyrics (loading.
  4. A. a: to, toward, towards a bordo: shipboard, aboard a caballo: horseback a campo travs: cross-country a corto plazo: short-term a cuestas: piggyback a esto: hereto a horcajadas: astride a la deriva: adrift a la intemperie: unsheltered a la moda: modish a la vez: at the same time, together a largo plazo: long-term a lo largo: lengthwise a lo largo de: along, alongside a lo largo.
  5. A (abbr. for: ampere): A (abrev. de: amperio) A (note): la a: un a bit: un poco a little: un poco A/D (abbr. for: analog to digital): anal gico a digital abacterial: abacteriano abacus: baco abaft: a popa abaft: en popa abaft: hacia popa abandon (to -): abandonar abandoned: abandonado abandonee: abandonado abandonee: desamparado abandonment: abandono abase (to -): humillar abasement: humillaci.
  6. a bordo: aboard. a bordo: shipboard (on -) a corto plazo: short-term a horcajadas: astride a la deriva: adrift a la intemperie: unsheltered, exposed to the weather a la vez: at the same time a largo plazo: long-term a lo largo de la costa: alongshore a lo largo de: along a lo largo de: alongside a lo largo: lengthwise a medida: tailored a menos que: unless a menudo: often a pelo: bareback a.
  7. A (note) / la a (someone's) medical history / historia clínica a bit / un poco a brain teaser, conundrum / rompecabezas a computer addict / cibernauta a dark-skinned person / moreno a disc (in a person's back) / disco (intervertebral) a drawing of blood / toma de sangre a hat-maker / sombrerera.

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