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Omicron 2 Eridani

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  1. Aug 05,  · Omicron2 Eridani - posted in Double Star Observing: Tonight, I toke a look at Omicron2 Eridani in my 10 for the first time. What I expected was something similar to my view in my 4, only the Main Sequence star and the White Dwarf. Thats exactly what I saw, exept that there was something a little below the White Dwarf. It was the 13th magnitude Red Dwarf.
  2. Star A (mag. , 82", K0V) is physical, and also named omicron-2 Eridani. Star C is a flare suspect.
  3. The beautiful triple system Omicron Eridani, at LY distant, is the 49th closest star system to our Sun. This system is the mythical home of Star Treks Mr. Spock and in recent years a planet has indeed been discovered to be orbiting around 40 Eridani A. The B component was the first white Dwarf.
  4. 40 Eridani is a nearby trinary (three-star) system in the constellation lweathjerinlecatchdenvelpbablolattiaca.coinfo is also known as Omicron 2 Eridani or Keid.. 40 Eridani A is an orange main-sequence K star some 4 billion years old. 40 Eridani B is a white dwarf, the first such star to be discovered. 40 Eridani C is a red dwarf and also a flare star with the variable star designation DY Eridani.
  5. Omicron Eridani refers to the system known popularly as 40 Eridani, which is a trinary star system of Spectral Classes K1V, Da4 and M eV respectively. This was one of the systems first colonised under the First Diaspora between and It is not known whether the colony continues to be known simply as Omicron Eridani, or whether the system is now known by the name of its capital.
  6. Omicron-2 Eridani (System) Universe» Omicron-2 Eridani Scotts Mine Scotts Mine Updated: 21 hours ago 23 ls from entry point, Stevens Rock Stevens Rock Updated: 21 hours ago ls from entry point, Omicron-2 Erida Omicron-2 Eridani C 6 b Updated: 1 day ago , ls from entry point.
  7. The star at the northwest end of this pair is Omicron 1 Eridani, also called 38 Eri. It is magnitude and is ? east of a fainter star of magnitude or so. The other star at the southeast end of this diagonally arranged pair, about ? away from Omicron 1, is our star of interest, Omicron 2 Eridani.
  8. KEID (Omicron-2 Eridani, or 40 Eridani). An unassuming star, Keid (Omicron-2) of Eridanus (and more commonly known by its Flamsteed number, 40 Eridani) seems to play second fiddle to its somewhat brighter neighbor Beid, Keid the Arabic "egg shells" of Beid, "the eggs." The two stars are not a true binary, Beid seven times farther than Keid.

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