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One For The Road

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  1. Definition of one for the road —used to refer to an alcoholic beverage that a person drinks just before leaving a place I'll just have one (more) for the road. Comments on one for the road What made you want to look up one for the road?
  2. Oct 05,  · A wily melange of tenderness, eye-popping lunacy, and occasional white-knuckled fear, One for the Road will leave you yearning to have the never-ending-blue Oz sky above, the flavor of that red, red dust in your mouth, and a tinnie to wash it all down with/5(63).
  3. Sep 23,  · Season 11, Episode 1 One for the Road First Aired: September 23, Abby's first day as a doctor may be a friend's last after Chen and Pratt are 79%(27).
  4. A final drink taken just before leaving on a journey. What's the origin of the phrase 'One for the road'? 'One for the road' sounds as though it might be a 'ye olde' expression used by medieval travellers when leaving an inn or by a Dickensian character taking a swig of grog before disappearing into a London fog.
  5. May 26,  · America is a land of vast, open spaces, best explored one mile at a time. But while we've long romanticized the open road, very few of us would want to live on it.. But then consider the Schannep.
  6. The short story "One for the Road" was featured in the Stephen King collection Night Shift and is a follow up to his novel 'Salem's Lot.
  7. What One For The Road has become is a Brewing Company that brews Non Alcoholic Craft Beer that is good Craft Beer! We have options for those that want Non Alcoholic beer without giving up the Craft Beer variety, taste, and experience.

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