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The Flowers Smell Much Sweeter - Desolate James - Desolate James (Cassette, Album)

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  1. desolate garden. last of the sun-scorched sweet peas. droop on the trellis Deirdre Godwin (0,1,0) = 2 pts Bright blue sky. cut flowers for gifts - now withered. Trevor Camp (0,1,0) = 2 pts black silhouette. of last summer's poppy. against the snow Ruth Powell (0,1,0) = 2 pts withered thistles. under the snow – a banquet. for the goldfinches.
  2. Dec 29,  · Yeah, it’s a lazy holiday week in LA a time of glorious unproductivity here around the Radio Free Silver Lake offices. The staff is loaded to the gills with a mixture of percocet and tequila and the most they seem capable of is minute sessions of Night Driver on the Atari and staring out the window at the early afternoon sun-showers.
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  4. May 12,  · The moaning organ provides a steady accompaniment for Tom Waits’ gruff wailing on this desolate blues song. He delivers with anxiety-driven urgency, sounding like he could just break down into a.
  5. Jul 14,  · Folk singer-songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews' Old Flowers is about the dissolution of a nine-year relationship and has many strengths. Still, it often falls prey to the cliches of the break-up album.
  6. Plus, it usually held some type of instrument so it’s almost as if the flower is playing the music it’s dancing to. America hadn’t seen that much thought put into a toy since the Glo Worm. You might remember that the dancing flower wasn’t the only dancing novelty toy on the block. That’s right! There was also the dancing Coca-Cola can.
  7. [Weaves flowers. I look, sweet Flora, in thine innocent eyes, And see in them a meaning and a glee All desolate and vast. Daisies are white upon the churchyard sod, Sweet tears, the clouds lean down and give. How sweet the smell of beans upon the air; The wheat is earing fairly. We have reason For thankfulness to God.
  8. May 25,  · It’s an album cover that would lead to a year relationship with The Comsat Angels’ music and carnival ride of a career. Their name comes from a short story written by J.G. Ballard. Many of the debut album’s themes, could be categorized as Ballardian.

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